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Blues is a beautiful landscape

Ask anyone working in the arts, particularly the classical music genre and they will tell you the biggest threat to their art is declining audiences.  Not for lack of content, musicians, or composers – but lack of listeners.  The current model for classical music simply doesn’t stand a fighting chance in this modern Arcade Fire world.

And blues music is swiftly becoming a victim of a similar fate.

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My favourite Vimeo videos – Spring 2014

Part of my day-to-day work as a “creative” is based around consumption.  I try to spend a bit of time every day watching videos or short films online.   Whenever the videos are on Vimeo, I always take full advantage of the “like” feature.  YouTube has a similar feature, but I find the layout confusing and I hate ads.

Hitting “like” on Vimeo allows me to catalogue videos that moved me, inspired me, or were memorable in some other form.  I often do more than just hit the heart logo – I consider exactly what I like about it, what makes it good, and what I can take away or learn from it.  Maybe the art direction was flawless, maybe the lighting was dramatic, or perhaps it was just a really well told story.

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