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My Favourite Vimeo Videos – Fall 2014 Edition

Back again with the fall edition!  I endeavoured to make a summer edition, but I was busy – so like the iPhone 6 is really the iPhone 9… Fave Vimeo Fall is really fave Vimeo summer.  But I digress…

As I mentioned in the first post from the spring; In this feature I endeavour to critique (in a positive way) a short selection of my likes from the last few months and specifically what is so great about these videos.   Through study, we as a collective of film-makers can share ideas and techniques to make our craft better.  Additionally, if you’re considering working with Arts & Rec, these examples provide you with what I feel is the high water-mark that we aim for.

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The Right Man at Unscripted New York Festival 2014

We’re pleased to announce that our short improved film The Right Man is an official selection in the Unscripted New York Festival in New York City. (Update: and at the Orillia Film Festival, Orillia, Ontario – October 3rd & 4th)

The Short was “written” and performed by Mandy May Cheetham, and co-starred Jonthan Salomon.  In January of this year I was in Los Angeles and I brought my camera, hoping to find something interesting to shoot while in town.  Mandy, who spends half the year in LA suggested that we should do something together.

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Laura Desirée Burlesque

I’ve been a huge fan of fashion photographer Jen Squires for quite some time.  In fact, her photo of Jadea Kelly is featured on this site’s front page Music Videos banner.  She has an incredible photographic talent, and chances are you’ve likely seen one of her photos.  She’s photographed more than just fashion – but a huge collection of celebrated Canadian musicians.  I was eager to work with her, and I was vocal about it.

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