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Barbra Lica – In one take

A couple months ago I sent a little note to Barbie saying that if ever she had the time, that we should do a single shot (just on her, no other musicians) live-in-one-take studio thing.  Barbie is just such an incredibly talented songwriter and singer, and she is absolutely magical to watch.  I knew that an intimate, in-studio performance would be great to watch (and listen to!).  Somehow I was convincing, and Barbie took this opportunity to write a couple new songs for the video (I also forced her to sing one of my favourites).

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My Favourite Vimeo Videos – Fall 2014 Edition

Back again with the fall edition!  I endeavoured to make a summer edition, but I was busy – so like the iPhone 6 is really the iPhone 9… Fave Vimeo Fall is really fave Vimeo summer.  But I digress…

As I mentioned in the first post from the spring; In this feature I endeavour to critique (in a positive way) a short selection of my likes from the last few months and specifically what is so great about these videos.   Through study, we as a collective of film-makers can share ideas and techniques to make our craft better.  Additionally, if you’re considering working with Arts & Rec, these examples provide you with what I feel is the high water-mark that we aim for.

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